Wisdom on Wednesdays—The first step


Portrait of the Artist’s Grandmother, October 1906

“The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is the desire for it: and who desires it?”  (1955)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—A man, not mankind


Peter, oil on canvas, c. 1941, 24 x 20 in.

Wisdom and prophetic intuition
Abide with a man
Not mankind
A man can remember his origins
And a man can live in apprehension of his end
Not mankind

Wisdom on Wednesdays—The scientific mind

Muses Marooned [1] [13104] A

Muses Marooned, 1934, oil on canvas 35 x 41¾ in

“Science alone is untrue because it aims exclusively at truth (divorced from the good and the beautiful).
“The scientific mind is far too simple.  There are too many facts in too mysterious a relationship for his simple mind (logical analytical as it is) to grasp.  In theory he is right; in practice he can never get all the facts as long as he specializes exclusively in the nature of discursive reason.  For knowledge (as distinct from wisdom and plastic form) of its very nature excludes all facts.” (1944)