Wisdom on Wednesdays—The lesser of three evils


Self Portrait, 1911, charcoal sketch

“I stood in the polling booth without an idea of which way to swing the election. In my uncertainty I said a Lord’s Prayer, wondering if there was unconscious irony in the act, and cast my vote for Coolidge!  The faces of Davis and Bryan both are repugnant to me.  Lafollette, I thought, should not fool with the Supreme Court, and although I cannot say much for Coolidge’s face, I felt that being an Eastern man he was probably the lesser of three evils.”  (Tuesday, November 3, 1924)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—Any other end but God

Pentecost pen and ink sketch - CROPPED

Descent of the Holy Spirit, pen and ink drawing, December 17, 1920

“When men gather together for any other end but God, the seeds of decay are present.  Societies as well as Families and Persons must once more depend upon prayer.”
—from the essay “Images” (1943)

Wisdom on Wednesdays (Thursday edition)—It’s Personal

“Men when they gather together are not up to much good unless they gather together for prayer.  In fact there is no such thing as ‘mass prayer’ unless the mass become one in the Personality of Christ, under personal direction.”  (1942)

Christ preaching - etching - CROPPED

Untitled (Sermon on the Plain), etching, c. 1920s