Wisdom on Wednesdays—Concrete Christianity

“Neither such abstractions as Humanity alone nor Christianity exist: they must be made once more by something concrete: by Christians, by persons.”  (1942)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—“Take care of the concrete”

“Take care of the concrete, the abstract will take care of itself.  Wealth, health, and peace are not attained by direct pursuit any more than any such abstractions can be attained directly.”  (1964)

13240 - Peace

Peace, oil on canvas, 1924, 35 x 42 in.
On seeing this painting at the 23rd Carnegie International Exhibition, a critic for the Pittsburgh Post wrote: “Carl Schmitt is a young painter, not yet 35 years old, who forsook the safe ways of style to pursue the idea that haunted him.  He has a capacity for development that few painters possess.  He is talented and serious in his determination to put onto canvas the ideas that possess him.”

Wisdom on Wednesdays—“the world cannot be saved by more worldliness”

“I read a great deal about the rightness of this or that form of government or political program, or of this or that social program, or of the morality of one kind of economic scheme and the evils of another.  All this sort of thing is necessary provided we understand that the world cannot be saved by more worldliness.  Neither Protestantism nor Catholicism nor socialism nor greater humanity alone will do anything because all these things are abstractions.  We want not abstraction but a concrete thing: a good man.  In a word, personal sanctity.”  (1942)


Nursing the Baby, pen and ink on paper