Wisdom on Wednesdays—The balanced human


Christopher, oil on canvas, c. 1950

“The human, the balanced human, believes that the mystery of birth, death, and life is master of science: that science is a means.  The Liberal believes that science is the master of all; the human knows that it is simply a matter of time till the substance of life absorbs the means.  Temporarily the means has gotten out of hand.”  (1958)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—To keep on is to redeem


Blue Bottles, oil on canvas

“To strive constantly to see beyond the things in which we are immediately interested requires great courage because it means the death but not destruction of those immediate interests.  For all death has the germ of birth within it.  To keep on is to redeem.”  (August 21, 1931)

Wisdom on Wednesdays—Prosperity as an ideal

Gertrude Holding Baby, March 29, 1926, charcoal on paper.

“Prosperity as an ideal (the philosophy of cunning) is sterile.  An institution, a society, or an individual based upon it is doomed, because it contains not in itself either the seed of birth or rebirth.  Its appeal lies in the fact that while it lasts it succeeds perfectly.”  (October 1929)