Wisdom on Wednesdays—Without a grievance

CSF11105 - NEW

Gertrude in Roman Scarf, c. 1960, oil on canvas, 25¼ x 30¼ in.

“A saint is merely that person in this scheme of creation who is without a grievance.”  (1925)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—The Christian crux I

North Porch Chartres Cathedral - CROPPED

North Porch, Chartres, September 7, 1926, pen and ink on tracing paper, detail approx. 6 x 4¾ in

“The crux of all [Christian] civilization is literally the cross of Christ, which is symbolized by the characteristic form of the Gothic—in the diagonals which go to make up the roofs and towers, the buttresses and the very folds of the garments of the carved and painted saints and kings.”  (1922)