Wisdom on Wednesdays—The isolation of truth


Dalmatian Woman, gum Arabic print, 1928
One of five prints published in Scribners Magazine, February, 1929.

“Our period now drawing to a close has had a tragedy: the mistaking of truth—and its isolation from—goodness.  The isolation of truth is the suicide of the intellect.  Rationalism destroys itself.”  (1946)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—“Love ahead of rationalism”

“The essential balance is between the professional and the amateur.  This means professionalism includes all specialists—those persons who by limiting themselves arbitrarily to the smallest field have disintegrated life.  And it means that the amateur includes all those who, while not making techniques their aim, and on the other hand, not neglecting technique, place love ahead of rationalism.”  (1946)


Gertrude Sleeping, pen and ink on paper, May 1917