Wisdom on Wednesdays—Providence as a matter of course

“We wear out our God if we consider Him only as a Provider.  He is a Master, a Hope, and a Lover first, and a Providence as matter of course.”  (1933)

St. Paul the Hermit, oil on canvas, c. 1922, 30 x 25 in. (Private collection)
Schmitt’s depiction of St. Paul of Thebes (d. c. 341) being fed miraculously by a raven was probably inspired by a painting of the saint by the great seventeenth-century Spanish artist Velázquez.  The enigmatic figure on the foreground is Schmitt’s own contribution.
A version of this painting in brighter colors is part of the Carl Schmitt Foundation’s collection.


Wisdom on Wednesdays—God and your guardian angel

“Take care if you will: God and your Guardian Angel will do the rest.” (1935)

Guardian Angel JPG [2] CROPPED

Guardian Angel, 1929; a contemporary black and white photograph.
A critic reviewing a one-man show by Schmitt at the Park Avenue Galleries in New York in June, 1930, singled out this painting, describing it as “an exquisitely simple portrait of a young girl, given its angelic quality by an unearthly light which plays about here features.”