Wisdom on Wednesdays—No room in the stable

The final part of Carl Schmitt’s essay “Room (with Bath) at the Inn” (1941):

“We will wait until we ‘acquire sufficient means’ to send a Packard to our underprivileged God in a dirty stable and quickly carry Him to the best hotel.  The finest suite for the Holy Child is none too good.


Madonna and Child, woodcut print, c. 1920

“We in the hotel have progressed beyond the family.  In some way we cannot fit the Child into the modern hotel in our imagination.  Neither can we fit ourselves into the environment of the stable.  His parents should have waited until they had acquired sufficient means to bring him up properly. We feel that Mary and Joseph have insulted heaven by not providing properly for the ‘environment of the expected little-one.’

“Sooner or later we are going to be slightly bored by an Infant Savior who chooses to redeem us from a manger.  And sooner or later, I suppose, the Child will see less and less of us. I almost feel that it will be his loss and not ours.”


Wisdom on Wednesdays—lost in the means

“The modern world is going in circles, lost—it has forgotten its origins and ends. It is like a man who, halfway on his journey has forgotten whence he came and where he is going.” (1963)