Wisdom on Wednesdays—The balanced human


Michael, c. 1942, oil on canvas, 23 x 19 in.

“The human, the balanced human, believes that the mystery of birth, death, and life is master of science: that science is a means.  The Liberal believes that science is the master of all; the human knows that it is simply a matter of time till the substance of life absorbs the means.  Temporarily the means has gotten out of hand.”  (1958)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—the sense of origins

“The sense of origins—the so-called creative faculty—no longer plays a vital part in our present American culture.  We have all but severed ourselves from our physical-emotional life. . . . This I conceive as the tragedy of our present culture: that media are no longer in the middle but are the very, only, stuff of ourselves, and the ends can take care of themselves!”

Townhouse - Carl Schmitt

Townhouse, oil on canvas, 1916 – probably a view outside the back of Schmitt’s studio in New York, then in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan (463 W. 21 Street)