Wisdom on Wednesdays—Penance gradually teaches us to deliberate

Gertrude Slicing Bread, c. 1921, pastel on paper

“Penance, by deliberation after evil, gradually teaches one to deliberate before evil.”  (1939)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—The suicide of the intellect


Dalmatian Woman, gum Arabic print, 1928
One of five prints published in Scribners Magazine, February, 1929.

“Our period now drawing to a close has had a tragedy: the mistaking of truth—and its isolation from—goodness.  The isolation of truth is the suicide of the intellect. Rationalism destroys itself.”  (1946)

Wisdom on Wednesdays—Science, art, and religion


Interior of St. Mark’s Cathedral, Korčula, Dalmatia, pastel on paper, June 16, 1926
One of many works drawn during or inspired by the artist’s brief visit to Dalmatia.

“Science is only concerned with the truth of present expediently.
“Art extends that truth back in time into permanent beauty materially.
“Religion projects that truth forward in time into eternal goodness spiritually.”  (1961)