Wisdom on Wednesdays—“Is there anything more real than poverty with a family?”


Shack where Schmitt stayed on his property in Silvermine before his marriage.
Pastel on paper, 14 x 11 in.

“Critics comfortably off and cosmopolite tell me that it is fatal for me to live alone in the woods and paint, that I must not separate myself from humanity, reality. . . . Humanity?  Is there anything more human than ones own children?  Reality?  Is there anything more real than poverty with a family? (except death, which is also tasted each day)?”  (1931)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—Sanctified, redeemed, reborn

Christ at Emmaus - etching - CROPPED

Christ at Emmaus, dry point etching

“One can only be sanctified as an individual in a society of individuals of which Christ is the head.  One can only be redeemed as a person in a society of persons of which Christ is the head.  One can only be reborn in a society of families of which Christ is the head.”  (1958)

Wisdom on Wednesdays—Thinking in terms of the family

“There is a point when wealth becomes more important than human life.  The obvious symptom of this insanity is planning in terms of the mass.  The obvious reform of this insanity is not to plan in terms of the mass.  It is to think in terms of the family.  For thinking in terms of the family is not practical like mass-planning.  On the contrary, it is sensible.  It seeks to restore the family hierarchy.  For only family life can produce people who in turn are necessary to the well-being of the mass.  For the mass is not the enemy of the family, but its complement.”  (1936)

gertscan3 - mother and child - CROPPED

The artist’s wife Gertrude nursing their two-month-old son Robert.
Pen and ink drawing, December 9, 1919