A new generation of artists at the Carl Schmitt Studio

CSF Creative Director and Artst-in-Residence Andrew de Sa welcomes local students to the Carl Schmitt studio-gallery in Silvermine.

A guest post by CSF Creative Director Andrew de Sa

Thirty years after his passing, Carl Schmitt is reaching a new generation of artists.  This Spring, I’ve had the joy of welcoming local school groups to Schmitt’s historic home and studio in Silvermine, Connecticut.  These visits are less of a tour through a museum than an invitation into a home and a glimpse into a life.  While enjoying a drawing lesson in the studio, students learn about the artistic practices and innovations of the artist.  Over a cup of tea, students experience a taste of Schmitt’s family life while sitting around a well-used kitchen table. 

What is the aim of these school trips?  To introduce students to a radically different way of life.  To impart to children the story and example of Carl Schmitt, an artist who lived not for comfort or material success but for Beauty: Beauty in paintings and family life but also in hardship and suffering.

These school visits are only made possibly by your generosity; we hope to have many more.  Thank you for your support!

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