Three pastels and a beautiful mature still life by Carl Schmitt now for sale

Three pastels of Carl Schmitt and one oil painting are being offered for sale by the owner, a descendant of a friend of the Schmitts from the 1930s.  If you are interested in any of these works, please contact the Foundation.

Two of the pastels depict the countryside of Tagliacozzo, a town in the Abruzzo region east of Rome where Schmitt convalesced from tuberculosis in the summer of 1939. The artist inscribed the pastels to his friends John and Agnes Cavanagh.

Monte Velino, Abruzzo, August 1939, pastel on paper, 13¾ x 17 in.

Tagliacozzo, August 1939, pastel on paper, 14 x 16½.

An earlier pastel of a tree in Silvermine is also inscribed to the Cavanaghs.

pastel on paper, 17 x 13 in.

A mature still life by Carl Schmitt is rarely seen on the market.  (The painting in the background is another Schmitt still life.)

Blue Bowl, oil on board, 18 x 23 in.

This painting is a companion piece to two others presently in private collections.

Blue Bowl I (left) (oil on canvas 19 x 23 in.) and Blue Bowl II, depicting the same scene from two angles



Wisdom on Wednesdays—The human being is made to do the impossible

pastel on paper, 14 x 11 in.

“Do you know the only real argument against Christianity, the Fine Arts?
It is this: they are impossible.
Do you know the only answer to this?
It is: The human being is made to do the impossible.”  (1961)

Listen to “The Catholic Vision of Carl Schmitt” on SoundCloud

If you missed my talk on Carl Schmitt last month in New York, the audio is now available below and at SoundCloud.  It’s part of “Art of the the Beautiful” lecture series hosted by the Catholic Artists Society.

The talk explores Schmitt’s vision connecting the Catholic tradition to the seven fine arts and to the life of the artist himself.  As a young man, Schmitt saw what he had to do to realize this vision: a struggle for what he called the mystical virtues of purity, poverty, and humility, corresponding to the lyric, epic, and dramatic stages of his artistic development.  The fruit of this journey was a clear vision of things seen in the masterworks of his maturity.

You can follow the close discussion of some of Schmitt finest works by downloading the images here.