Wisdom on Wednesdays—The mark of God’s love

Gertrude, August 24, 1950, pastel on paper, 16 x 20 in.
A portrait of the artist’s daughter on her 18th birthday.

“It is a special mark of providence to have the opportunity of complete humility before death.  The longer before death it is—the greater the mark of God’s love.”  (October 19, 1929)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—Permanent, temporal, eternal

Anno Domini - corrected

Anno Domini 1941, 1941, oil on panel, 23½” x 18″. Inscribed “Carl Schmitt Ao Dn 1941″ lower left
This work was featured in the Summer 2012 issue of the CSF News.

“The past is permanent, a myth and therefore aesthetic—and real. A beginning.
“The present is temporal, scientific, expedient, and therefore real. A means.
“The future is eternal, a revelation and therefore spiritual—and Real. An end.”

Wisdom on Wednesdays—The balanced human


Christopher, oil on canvas, c. 1950

“The human, the balanced human, believes that the mystery of birth, death, and life is master of science: that science is a means.  The Liberal believes that science is the master of all; the human knows that it is simply a matter of time till the substance of life absorbs the means.  Temporarily the means has gotten out of hand.”  (1958)