Wisdom on Wednesdays—Too deeply for our own comfort

Carrying of the Cross with Two Figures

Carrying the Cross, April 1926, watercolor on paper, 10¼ x 13¾ in.

“Christ teaches us too deeply for our own comfort.  Salute the flag, pay attention to business, and avoid him as much as possible.”  (1941)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—It is easy to love humanity


Portrait of the Artist’s Grandmother, October 1906

“It is easy to love humanity—the trouble comes when we attempt to love our neighbor.  Our neighbor is not a vague abstraction but the individual with whom we come in contact in our daily lives.”  (c. 1931)

Wisdom on Wednesdays—“Take care of the concrete”

13240 - Peace

Peace, oil on canvas, 1924, 35 x 42 in.
On seeing this painting at the 23rd Carnegie International Exhibition, a critic for the Pittsburgh Post wrote: “Carl Schmitt is a young painter, not yet 35 years old, who forsook the safe ways of style to pursue the idea that haunted him. He has a capacity for development that few painters possess. He is talented and serious in his determination to put onto canvas the ideas that possess him.”

“Take care of the concrete, the abstract will take care of itself.  Wealth, health, and peace are not attained by direct pursuit any more than any such abstractions can be attained directly.”  (1964)