Fairfield County Giving Day is March 1st—Give where you live

Fairfield County Giving Day starts at midnight tonight!  It’s your chance to help the CSF spread the word about the rich legacy of Carl Schmitt, wherever you live.

If you enjoy Wisdom on Wednesdays, our books, and annual open house, please pitch in!

Support “locally sourced” art tomorrow, March 1st.  Thank you!


Wisdom on Wednesdays—Nothing to lose in the world


Gertrude, October 1919, pastel on paper, 20 x 17 in.

“The minute a man has something to lose in the world is he enslaved.
“Or to put it better, when one decides he has nothing to lose he can be true and charitable.”  (1962)

Wisdom on Wednesdays—Who can feast without fasting?

CSF13234 - COLOR

A Christening Party at Chartres, oil on canvas, 1928.
After being shown at the 27th Carnegie International to critical acclaim, this painting was bought by the Pittsburgh Athletic Club in January 1929 for $1,500.  A search by the Carl Schmitt Foundation at the PAC was unsuccessful and the painting’s location remains unknown.  The owner of a companion painting, Dance of Life, Chartres, recently contacted the Foundation and is interested in selling the painting.

“Who can feast without fasting, who can enjoy kingship without servitude, and leisure without sacrifice?”  (1928)

Wisdom on Wednesdays—The very, only stuff of ourselves

Townhouse - Carl Schmitt

Townhouse, 1916, oil on canvas, 24 x 20 in.
Probably a view outside the back of Schmitt’s studio in New York, then in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan (463 W. 21 Street).

“We have forgotten the ends. We are the middle, and media are rapidly becoming our sole concern through choice with some, through habit with many more, and as a result through necessity with most of us.
“This, I conceive as the tragedy of our present culture: that media are no longer in the middle but are the very, only, stuff of ourselves, and the ends can take care of themselves!”
from the essay “The Sense of Origins” (1930)