Shop online to support the Carl Schmitt Foundation

Now, at no extra cost to you, you can support the Carl Schmitt Foundation.  With Giving Assistant, you simply shop online, earn cash back, and donate as much as 30% of your purchase price to the CSF—Giving Assistant facilitates the whole process.  If you shop online, over 3,000 popular stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and L. L. Bean—even travel purchases—will give you cash back to donate to the CSF.

Use the mammon of this world to support the CSF—save money and support us while shopping at the sites you already know and trust.  Simply visit the CSF page at the Giving Assistant website to sign up.  Even your small contributions add up to a big difference for us!


“I am deeply indebted to my patrons for the very substantial help financially which they gave us. These benefactors enabled me to bring up a numerous family in the circumstances of poverty and to make it possible to paint.”
—Carl Schmitt, 1959

Cash Back

Use Giving Assistant to save money and support
The Carl Schmitt Foundation.

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