Wisdom on Wednesdays—Making oodles of money

Portrait of H. K. Wick [11410]

Portrait of H. K. Wick, oil on canvas, 1917, 28 x 23 in.
Butler Institute of American Art; gift of Mrs. H.K. Wick, 1934.
Read the story of Carl Schmitt’s struggle to paint this portrait here.

“To be quite healthy the soul must be large enough to either (a) face the risk of poverty by concentrating on things more fitting to man’s nature and end, or (b) take the responsibility of making oodles of money and giving it away to the unworthy as fast as it is made.”   (1942)

2 thoughts on “Wisdom on Wednesdays—Making oodles of money

  1. Thank you for this write up of my great grandmother, Millicent Hunt Wick (known to us as Bunny), who was the woman who gave Carl Schmitt so much grief over the second commissioned portrait of her late husband, Henry Wick. Bunny was so particular that she even repainted the nose in a portrait of her she had commissioned, and the mouth in another, or so my mother told me. She must have liked Carl Schmitt’s work well enough, however, as I still own a gorgeous abstracted landscape he did that has come down though the family.
    Sukey Hughes

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