New book The Conscience of Beauty now available on Amazon


The new book of Carl Schmitt’s essays, The Conscience of Beauty, is now available through If you have enjoyed our weekly Wisdom on Wednesdays, you’ll find this new collection a richly rewarding experience.

In these short essays Schmitt has gathered and distilled the fruits of his contemplation over a long lifetime, revealing a man whose words on paper are as remarkable as his work on canvas.  Schmitt offers a fresh perspective on such topics as art, culture, personality, mythology, and history, all informed by the far-reaching perspective introduced in The Vision of Beauty.  Along the way he touches on more immediate concerns of the media, respectability, large families, and fatherhood with his unerring sense of irony and wry humor.


Preparing this book for publication has given me the opportunity to delve deeply into Schmitt’s mind and heart, and many of his thoughts have really stayed with me:

“This I conceive as the tragedy of our present culture: that media are no longer in the middle but are the very, only, stuff of ourselves, and the ends can take care of themselves!”

“I must understand a crazy man
I must love a crazy man.
My curiosity must be stronger than my fright.
And my Christianity must be stronger than my curiosity.”

“When men gather together for any other end but God, the seeds of decay are present.  Societies as well as Families and Persons must once more depend upon prayer.”


You can see a preview of the book (including a complete table of contents) here.

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