Wisdom on Wednesdays—When one thinks as a Christian


Loaf of Bread, 1947, oil on hardboard, 12 x 14 in.

“We are so much in the habit of dichotomous thought that it would shock us to hear ‘Christ is a myth’ or ‘The Eucharist is a symbol.’  And yet these are two phrases are true.  What should be added is that final phrase ‘as well as a reality.’  For a thing can be both a symbol and a reality at the same time.  When one thinks as a Christian.”  (1958)


Wisdom on Wednesdays—Any other end but God

Pentecost pen and ink sketch - CROPPED

Descent of the Holy Spirit, pen and ink drawing, December 17, 1920

“When men gather together for any other end but God, the seeds of decay are present.  Societies as well as Families and Persons must once more depend upon prayer.”
—from the essay “Images” (1943)