Wisdom on Wednesdays—Grateful as a beggar

“My philosophy may be summed up thus:
“First, to receive from God gratefully everything possible that I can get.
“Second, to give back to God through my neighbor everything which I can give.
“To give gifts to my neighbor I must use art, because a gift must be made—
hence I must be an artist.
“The world of doing, the wage, is outside my world of beggars and gifts,
because I believe that God gives me my energy.  I cannot earn it.
I can only be grateful as a beggar and share as a beggar would.”

Gum arabic print for a magazine article on Thanksgiving, 1930s.


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2014 Christmas card images

left to right: Blue Madonna, Dalmatian Mother, and Nativity.

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Christmas woodcuts - cards 1

left to right: Sitting Madonna and Child, Stylized Madonna and Child, and Kneeling Madonna.

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Wisdom on Wednesdays—Providence as a matter of course

“We wear out our God if we consider Him only as a Provider.  He is a Master, a Hope, and a Lover first, and a Providence as matter of course.”  (1933)

St. Paul the Hermit, oil on canvas, c. 1922, 30 x 25 in. (Private collection)
Schmitt’s depiction of St. Paul of Thebes (d. c. 341) being fed miraculously by a raven was probably inspired by a painting of the saint by the great seventeenth-century Spanish artist Velázquez.  The enigmatic figure on the foreground is Schmitt’s own contribution.
A version of this painting in brighter colors is part of the Carl Schmitt Foundation’s collection.

Wisdom on Wednesdays—Constancy


Gertrude, pastel on paper, c. 1918, 20 x 15 in.

“What is truth (and its symbol beauty) but objectivity?  Unless vision is objective there would be no sense in constancy.  Constancy is the ability to persevere in attachment to objective reality in spite of space temporalities: fugitive moods, rationalizations, and physical inconstancy.” (1934)