Wisdom on Wednesdays—Above and below economics

“To think is to see above and below economics.  Above is wisdom, justice.  Below is counsel–charity.”  (1932)

baby on Gertrude's shoulder - March 29 1926 - without dedication


Wisdom on Wednesdays—The destiny of man is never financial

Gertrude Peeling Apples, c. 1925, pastel on dark brown paper, 10⅞ x 8½ in.

The fundamental destiny of man is never financial.  Rather is money an impediment in most cases to the destiny of a man.” (1933)

Wisdom on Wednesdays—Ultimate slavery

“No man can be happy who makes security his end in life.  That spells ultimate slavery, because freedom of will is not to those imaginations which are bounded by economics.”  (1946)

pcs_sk20 - Gertrude Feeding Gertrude

Gertrude Feeding Gertrude, September 1932, pen and ink on paper
The artist’s wife Gertrude nursing their one-month-old daughter of the same name, the youngest of their ten children and the only girl.

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Wisdom on Wednesdays—Complete economic slavery


Three Children with Toys, c. 1926, oil on canvas, 30 x 36 in.

“We are loath to accept the logical progression into complete economic slavery, but we should be realistic enough to acknowledge that once we have allowed ourselves to succumb to an economic culture, we must see it through to the end.”  (1962)