Wisdom on Wednesdays (Thursday edition)—It’s Personal

“Men when they gather together are not up to much good unless they gather together for prayer.  In fact there is no such thing as ‘mass prayer’ unless the mass become one in the Personality of Christ, under personal direction.”  (1942)

Christ preaching - etching - CROPPED

Untitled (Sermon on the Plain), etching, c. 1920s

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NCHS exhibition 2011 - Mike Six looking at paintings

Transfixed at a recent exhibition of Carl Schmitt oils, could this be our “mystery” donor?  
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FireShot capture #077 - 'Carl Schmitt' - carlschmitt_org

State-of-the-art when it was debuted back in the early 2000s, the CSF website hasn’t changed much in over 10 years. 

Hidden away in the archives, piles of pastels and sketches lie closed up in portfolios, awaiting framing.  Dulled by dust, vivid oils call for cleaning.  One of our most cherished paintings, Boy with Cello, now shrouded in gauze, awaits release. Your gift will ensure these works get the care they need to be exhibition-ready.

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Austin with Cello - gauze and original -CSF11201

Carl Schmitt considered Boy with Cello (1931) one of his finest works. This beloved painting was recently returned to the Foundation’s gallery in Silvermine for an urgently-needed restoration.

Long-term, research continues on the catalogue raisonné, and the definitive biography of Schmitt’s rich life and career.  And Carl Schmitt, Jr. is hard at work on a full-length treatment of his father’s aesthetic thought.

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Friday Madonna, 1930, oil on canvas, 42 x 35 in.
A wonderful re-imagining of the familiar Madonna and Child from the same period as Boy with Cello. Another major work deserving of a complete restoration.

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Wisdom on Wednesdays—The only hope for sanity


Gertrude (the artist’s daughter), c.1945, oil on hardboard, 18 × 15 in.

“In a breakdown, which is at the end of our millennium, the conscience of most people is collective.  How else could we have achieved war on such a grand scale?  I am sure the only hope for sanity—for a return to goodness and beauty—lies in the rapid advance of the personal idea.  Not, of course, in personal tyranny, which is worse if possible than social tyranny.  But unless the personal conscience challenges and checks the social conscience, we will go to the devil.  The Barbarian will have triumphed.”
—from the essay “Socialism”  (1943)

Wisdom on Wednesdays—A final court of justice

“Christians more or less vaguely, accordingly as they are in touch with tradition, instinctively feel that authority cannot be left absolutely in the hands of society.  For to Christians this would mean in effect that their consciences would be surrendered to society.  This would, to a Christian, be tyranny.  For to him an action is not morally right only because a majority approves.  There must be a final court of justice, namely, his own personal conscience.”
—from the essay “Socialism”  (1943)

CSF11211 - NEW

Peter, c. 1940, oil on canvas, 15 x 10 in.