Wisdom on Wednesdays—Suffering reveals form

“It must be recalled to mind, especially today when Form is almost unknown (Form in its metaphysical—Form in its aesthetic sense) that true Form cannot be rediscovered except by mean of destruction.  There is absolutely no Form (in the purest sense of the word) possible unless it is discovered by sacrifice and death.”
—from the essay “The Critic” (1943)


Immanent Trinity Decoration, 1924, oil on canvas, 48 x 40 in.
The Novitiate of St. Isaac Jogues, Wernersville, Pennsylvania

3 thoughts on “Wisdom on Wednesdays—Suffering reveals form

    • Thanks, Kate. This painting is a stunner. It’s large (almost 4 feet each way) and the colors are even more beautiful than this photo can reveal. It’s one of my favorites.

      More wisdom on suffering in the coming weeks – from someone who knew something about it firsthand.

  1. Conscious awareness of personal suffering for current, left-over behaviors, allows me the choice to change. Will I allow Christ’s suffering to give me form? Will I acknowledge his form already existing in me and others? Yes, Christ will not let me go, yet he gives me freedom.

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