The Flowering of One’s Roots

A wonderful article by Bridget Skidd, a recent graduate of Thomas More College in Manchester, New Hampshire, on her search not only for a long-lost painting, but her place in the Catholic tradition.  While in England studying the Catholic Literary Revival,

Through word of mouth I had heard that a painting by my great grandfather, Carl Schmitt, was ‘somewhere in Oxford.’ With no idea of the subject of the painting except that it was religious, and unsure of which of the many houses and colleges might be the home, I set out on my search.

Read the rest here: The Flowering of One’s Roots.

Resurrection-245x300 - at Campion Hall Oxford

Resurrection, c. 1940.
This painting is very similar to one of the same name bought by Schmitt’s good friend John Cavanaugh in the 1940s and now owned by the C. Michael Schmitt family.


3 thoughts on “The Flowering of One’s Roots

  1. It’s heartening to see that serious college students like Bridget Skidd are so engaged with the legacy of Carl Schmitt as to pursue a “treasure hunt” for a lost painting, and moreover that the painting fulfilled the expectation of the scholar, but so well illustrates the importance of finding and preserving the precious work of a man who truly was a special gift to the world not only in the artistic realm but to a larger audience that might be so lucky as to discover such works. This also speaks well of the hope we can have that the collegiate generation of today has not totally abandoned the good and the beautiful in pursuit of education dedicated to mere technical proficiency for success in the world of commerce.

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