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Vision Enewsletter cover October 2014

I’m sending out the latest issue of Vision—the CSF e-newsletter—later this week, with a profile of Schmitt in the 1930s, “Carl Schmitt—Catholic Radical,” and a fascinating account of the artist’s life in Italy before World War I, as recounted by his son Robert.

If you enjoy following Carl Schmitt on this blog, I’m confident you’ll relish each issue of Vision.  As always, Vision will feature photos and stories from the archives not seen anywhere else.

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Wisdom on Wednesdays—Outwitting Providence

“Our portion of health, wealth, and power is entirely in the hands of Providence.
Of course we can outwit Providence.
But we shall have to pay for it.”

CSF12315 - Guardian Angel - CROPPED

Guardian Angel, oil on canvas, c. 1929, 36 x 30 in.
(from a contemporary black and white photograph)

Wisdom on Wednesdays—“Only the loss of wealth will restore reason”

“To stand by and observe the disintegration of society is distressing.  The affair, of course, is moral; but one can hardly accuse a society of immorality (avarice and duplicity) when the society is subjective and, worshipping itself, has thereby lost all criteria.  Men are free from moral and esthetic standards.  Only the loss of wealth will restore reason.”  (1961)


Study for “Reading”, pastel on paper, 1936, 23 x 19 in.
A pastel sketch of the artist’s wife Gertrude (sitting) and her close friend Margaret Ryan, later executed as an oil painting for the Works Progress Administration. The present location of the painting is unknown.

Wisdom on Wednesdays—Compromise with the world is no longer possible

“The inordinate desire for wealth is destroying wealth.  The time is finally here when compromise with the world is no longer possible for decent men in the world.  When this point arrives, however, it is already too late.  That is the great tragedy of this evil.  And it is the only tragedy which meets with almost unanimous approval.”  (March 6, 1943)


Black Bottles oil on canvas, c. 1931, 20 x 32 in.

Wisdom on Wednesdays—Thinking in terms of the family

“There is a point when wealth becomes more important than human life.  The obvious symptom of this insanity is planning in terms of the mass.  The obvious reform of this insanity is not to plan in terms of the mass.  It is to think in terms of the family.  For thinking in terms of the family is not practical like mass-planning.  On the contrary, it is sensible.  It seeks to restore the family hierarchy.  For only family life can produce people who in turn are necessary to the well-being of the mass.  For the mass is not the enemy of the family, but its complement.”  (1936)

gertscan3 - mother and child - CROPPED

The artist’s wife Gertrude nursing their two-month-old son Robert.
Pen and ink drawing, December 9, 1919