Wisdom on Wednesdays—The Man of Passion


Via Crucis, oil on aluminum, c. 1936, 18 x 15 in.
This painting, with a frame by the artist’s brother Robert, was given by Carl Schmitt to Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Wilton, Connecticut.  It now hangs in the reconciliation room.

“The avoidance of passion may with justice be said to be one of the chief characteristics of our modern Christian civilization.  But Christ our leader may with justice be characterized as the Man of Passion!  Passion may be defined as the acceptance of those obstacles (according to temperament) which reduce one to desperation but not to despair.

“The passion of Christ in his followers has power itself capable of conquering the violent and carnal passion of the devil and elevating passion to self-conquest, compassion.  Can it withstand the lack of passion?  The world, respectability—complacency, comfort, efficiency and the rest, all [which] cloak the lie of the father of lies?”  (c. 1932)

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