Wisdom on Wednesdays—Nothing to lose in the world

“The minute a man has something to lose in the world is he enslaved.
“Or to put it better, when one decides he has nothing to lose he can be true and charitable.
“St. Joseph failed quite miserably to live up to even the lowest standards of conduct prescribed for an American Christian family head.”  (1962)


The Holy Family in Joseph’s Workshop, oil on canvas, 20 x 24 in.
The Carl Schmitt Foundation; gift of the estate of William J. Ryan.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom on Wednesdays—Nothing to lose in the world

  1. It is such a treasure to have these little vignettes each week which give us a window into the soul of Carl and his family, especially for those of us who, as family of the next generation can picture so well what it must have been like. And yet– it is a world away at the same time. So valuable to keep this up– Sam you have opened a goldmine, one nugget at a time!

  2. John –
    Thanks for your comment. You’re right – it was a different world in a lot of ways, but then, human nature doesn’t really change though circumstances might. Plus Carl saw a lot of what was coming (and what had already arrived by his time) and had some wise things to say about it. So it is a goldmine, and there’s so much more to tell!

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