Wisdom on Wednesdays—“A new spirit will inform the machine”

The conclusion of last week’s quotation on professionalism.

“Is there no good, then, in the present professionalism?  I think that there is.  Living, as we do now, in the breakdown of both Religion and art, the performance of both rituals must be carried on if only that the machinery should not rust through disuse of a protracted period.  Granted that the machine is being run for its own sake (technology).  The time will come soon when a new spirit will inform the machine.  And in the meantime the old machine has been repaired, replaced, and improved in many ways and will be in readiness for the new surge of creative religion and beauty.”  (1961)

Austin W Lord seated

Austin Lord Seated, pastel on paper, dated October 21, 1920, 16 x 13¼ in.
In his later years, Austin W. Lord, the father of Carl Schmitt’s wife Gertrude, laid aside his architectural practice and devoted more of his time to sketching and painting with his son-in-law in Silvermine.  At the time he sat for this pastel, Lord, then sixty years of age, was already suffering acutely from the illness that would lead to his death less than two years later.  Schmitt presented this pastel to his father-in-law as a gift.

One thought on “Wisdom on Wednesdays—“A new spirit will inform the machine”

  1. What a beautiful pastel and gift. This reminds me of the beautiful CT fall, this is a very special pastel for me. Thank you for sharing it and the story behind it as well

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