Wisdom on Wednesdays—The professionalist

“The outstanding social change in my lifetime has been the success of professionalism.  The professionalist is one who has written off love from the motives of action as too corny and naïve, and has substituted acquisition if not avarice as spur to endeavor.  But professionalism, by bending all activity to expediency, has mechanized the epic and by excessive speed and monotonous repetition has defeated the Fine Arts as creative actions.  For no action can be creative which was not born in Love.” (1961)

Lady in Garden

Lady in a Garden, pastel on paper, c. 1922, 14¼ x 11¼ in.
A portrait of Schmitt’s wife Gertrude done outside his studio in Silvermine.

One thought on “Wisdom on Wednesdays—The professionalist

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