Popular blogger reviews talk on The Vision of Beauty

Popular blogger William Newton, at his “Blog of the Courtier“, offers a concise and very perceptive review of the CSF president Carl B. Schmitt, Jr.’s presentation on his father’s art this past Monday evening in Washington, DC.

“. . . I was particularly drawn to the very personal images of his wife, his children, and himself, as well as to the often deceptively simple still lives of bottles combined with objects such as eggs, garlic bulbs, and oranges. . . “


Glass Platter, oil on canvas, 25 x 30¼ in.

” . . . A self-confident artist who appreciates the need to treat his subject with strength and respect is someone whose work is always going to appeal to the viewer. This type of work can be appreciated on many levels, whether for its beauty, or in the demonstration of technical skill on the part of its creator. . . “


Self-portrait, oil on board, c. 1965, 18 x 15 in.

Read the rest here.

3 thoughts on “Popular blogger reviews talk on The Vision of Beauty

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  2. Thank you very much for your insightful review! I think you have captured what my uncle Carl Schmitt Jr. – and more importantly my grandfather Carl Schmitt – was trying to do very well. I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation.

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