Purchase Carl Schmitt: The Vision of Beauty now at a special price

The Carl Schmitt Foundation is now offering the coffee-table book Carl Schmitt: The Vision of Beauty at a special price—25% off—through December 31, 2013.  Click here to order or here for a preview on GoogleBooks.  The book makes a wonderful gift for Christmas!

Carl Schmitt_ The Vision of Beauty - jpg capture with Two Oranges

Published jointly by Scepter Publishers and the CSF, this handsome hardcover volume features over forty stunning full-page reproductions of Schmitt’s finest works along with pithy excerpts from his writings.  It offers not only a look at Carl Schmitt’s art, but also a glimpse into his thinking on beauty, religion, the arts, and the person.  Together with a brief biography and survey of the artist’s thought, the book is a compelling, contemplative introduction to an undiscovered American master.

Carl Schmitt_ The Vision of Beauty - jpg capture

The title “the vision of beauty” refers to a central feature of Schmitt’s aesthetic: he stressed that “the artist is concerned not with sight but with vision.”  Nonetheless, he understood vision to be a kind of sight, the “central ‘sight’ of the pure, or contemplative, imagination.”  Just as the sense power of sight captures an object’s physical characteristics, so the imaginative power of “vision” captures its timeless significance.  Thus the gentle roundness of an egg, the translucence of glass, or the pensive gaze of a young girl, through the artist’s vision, take on permanent significance that transcends particular  appearances.  Vision reveals material things for what they are: bearers of transcendent meaning.

Preview Carl Schmitt: The Vision of Beauty

As one friend of the Foundation wrote from California upon receiving her copy of the book, “We need artists who help train the mind’s eye to discover all the beauty in this world and beyond.”

CarlSchmitt_jacket front - Final

“This concise, elegant, thoughtful and thought-provoking book is itself a ‘vision of beauty.’”       —Charles Scribner III

This special offer is available only through the CSF.  Click here to order or here to preview the book.  Order now in time for Christmas!

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