A celebration of Carl Schmitt—CSF Open House 2013

Thanks to all who made the annual CSF Open House on Saturday such a delight.  The perfect weather matched the cheer of those gathered to celebrate the life and art of Carl Schmitt.  It was wonderful to catch up with some old friends of the CSF and meet some new ones as well over a delicious luncheon.

CSF founder Carl B. Schmitt, Jr. announced a “new phase” in the Foundation’s development.  In order to devote all of his free energy to writing a book on his father’s thought, he intends to transfer his duties as president of the Foundation to the treasurer and Executive Director.

2013 Open House - admiring new painting

A friend of the CSF admires Carl Schmitt’s Woman and Guardian Angel (1924), one of three works given to the Foundation in the past year.  It is shown here in a frame by Carl’s brother Robert.  The artist’s large canvas, Nativity, done at the same time, hangs in the background.

Executive Director (and yours truly) Sam Schmitt offered a review of the past year, highlighting the publication of the coffee-table book Carl Schmitt: The Vision of Beauty, two successful local exhibits in New Canaan and Fairfield, Connecticut, and one exciting upcoming exhibit in New York.  He also spoke of the generous gift of three new works by Carl Schmitt now on display at the studio-gallery, including Woman and Guardian Angel (above).  Another work, Austin and Cello, painted in 1931, was returned to the Foundation after a period on loan.  The painting is in urgent need of restoration; its surface is now covered with a gauze to protect it from further deterioration.  The CSF is now seeking donations to return this impressive work to its original beauty.


Austin with Cello, oil on canvas, 1931, 48 x 42 in.
This painting was first shown at an exhibition of the Silvermine Guild of Artists in March, 1931, when it was singled out for praise on the New York Times and reproduced in the review of the exhibit.  In the fall of that year it was exhibited at the prestigious Ferargil Gallery in New York, and at the Carnegie Institute’s Exhibit of Contemporary American Paintings in Pittsburgh the following March.  The artist considered it one of his finest works.

Dave Schmitt, the Foundation’s treasurer, thanked Jacob Schmitt, one of Carl Schmitt’s sons, for his generosity in the continuing renovation of his father’s former house in Silvermine, currently the home of the artist’s son Robert and daughter Gertrude.  Major improvements this year include a new roof as well as badly-needed trimming of the large older trees that shade the house.  The Foundation is actively seeking funding to restore the property as Schmitt knew and cherished it.

The upcoming year 2014 is a banner year for the CSF—the 125th anniversary of Carl Schmitt’s birth (May 6, 1889) as well as the 25th anniversary of his death (October 28, 1989).  Watch for news of special events commemorating these milestones in the next few months.

4 thoughts on “A celebration of Carl Schmitt—CSF Open House 2013

  1.    Hi Carl – Thanks for keeping me up to date on activities to further the legacy of Carl Schmitt.  Keep up the good work.       You mention in your email an “exciting upcoming exhibit in New York.” Can you tell me where and when?       Best regards –        Steve


  2. Sam,
    Saturday was a glorious day for the Foundation and all those friends and family who support the memory and legacy of our grandfather. The passing of the torch from Uncle Newb to yourself could not put such a treasure in more fitting hands. Blessings to you and your family for the exciting coming year. I too, as I mentioned that day, am interested in finding out about this New York exhibition possibility, so I will keep in touch with the website for news. In the meantime, carry on well, you are doing the Lord’s work, and would that we all could.

    best regards,

    cousin John

    BTW- Please pass regards to your mom. I may have told you, but I had the most amazing conversation with her shortly after your dad’s passing and the other untoward events of that time. She was and always has been such a rock of faith in the midst of adversity. She was more concerned about my mom’s situation than her own. That is the Aunt Louise I remember. May she prosper and continue to be a light to her family and all those fortunate enough to know her.

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