Carl Schmitt now for sale

Three paintings by Carl Schmitt are currently for sale online, each displaying a different facet of the artist’s early style.

If you know of any other works of Carl Schmitt that are available, either online, through an auction, or from a private individual, please let us know in the comments.


Stormy Day, oil on canvas, 1915, 15 x 18 in.
Images courtesy of Vander Molen Fine Art.

Stormy Day
Stormy Day was painted in 1915 while Schmitt was living in Ohio and was shown at a large exhibition of his works at the Korner & Wood galleries in Cleveland in November of that year.  The style of the painting shows the influence of George Inness (1825-94) and other early “Tonalist” painters, who favored outdoor scenes in hazy light and a limited palette of colors.

This painting is being offered by Vander Molen Fine Art, Arcadia, California.  For additional photographs and information, visit

Stormy Day - detail 1

Stormy Day, detail.

This work was included in the book Carl Schmitt: The Vision of Beauty, with the quotation “The lyric essence is form suggested—form as light.”

Floating Flower Market, Spalato
This is a copy in oil of a pastel done while the artist was in Spalato (Split), Dalmatia, in early 1914. In late June Schmitt sent a package of 14 oil paintings and 39 pastels sent to his patron, Zell Hart Deming who was financing his trip to Europe.

Floating Market - Spalato 1916 - 24050 - from AskArt

Floating Flower Market, Spalato, oil on canvas, 1916, 15 x 18 in.
Image courtesy of Michael Latragna Fine Art.

The original pastel was shown at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts 13th Annual Philadelphia Water-Color Exhibition, November – December 1915, and at the National Arts Club 49th American Water Color Society Exhibition, February of the following year.  At Deming’s request Schmitt made two copies in oil, one of which Deming kept in her collection in Warren, Ohio; the other was purchased in 1919 by a fellow resident of Warren.

This painting is being offered for sale by Michael Latragna Fine Art in Fort Meyers, Florida. (Schmitt’s work is the sixth in the group of American paintings.) You may contact the gallery for more information.

Autumn Tapestry
Autumn Tapestry, a lovely early work of Carl Schmitt, is now being offered for sale at Abby M. Taylor Fine Art in Greenwich, Connecticut.

This work is one of a series of similar paintings dating from the early 1920s which include Schmitt’s Ancient Episode and Little Red House.

The woman in the painting was probably modeled by Schmitt’s wife Gertrude.  The trees and scenery show a marked resemblance to the view outside Gertrude’s parent’s house in Silvermine, Connecticut, just up the road from Schmitt’s studio.

For images and to contact the gallery, you can visit the gallery website.

Stormy Day - signature - CROPPED

Schmitt’s signature on Stormy Day

5 thoughts on “Carl Schmitt now for sale

  1. As it happens, there is a very early watercolor by Carl Schmitt dating from 1906 currently being offered on eBay (the auction ends Oct. 26). This work was probably done in Ohio prior to his departure for New York to attend art school.

    Click here to see the listing.

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  3. I may have a watercolor by Carl Schmitt … looks like its titled “silvermine “. It is of large barns , rather simple, but well done with unusual colors ; impressionistic .. How would I authenticate it ?

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