A legacy of beauty

Welcome to the new blog dedicated to the art, life, and thought of the American artist Carl Schmitt.

By any measure, Carl Schmitt’s life, work, and thought were remarkable.  Many have been impressed by his paintings or his profound reflections on art, others by his life as a devout husband and father of a large family under extraordinary circumstances.  Beyond this, however, Schmitt stands out because of his complete dedication to portraying the beauty of created reality through his art, and inviting others to contemplate it with him.  As Pope Benedict XVI (then Cardinal Ratzinger) put it in very striking terms: “Man is in need not only of what is useful but also of what is beautiful.” Carl Schmitt sought to address this very human need which is at the same time a path pointing toward higher realities.

The depth and scope of Schmitt’s legacy is not easily grasped, encompassing stunning paintings, pastels, and other works, penetrating insights on art and aesthetics, and a long life well lived.  This blog will explore the tremendously rich body of work and thought of an artist who lived for “beauty first.”  It will also feature periodic updates on new and noteworthy developments at the Carl Schmitt Foundation.

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